Daniel Lacalle

The Golden Revolution (John Butler, Wiley 2012)

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Every time I speak with someone about monetary policy and the possible return to the gold standard I hear two sentences: “We can’t do anything” and “it’s impossible”.

This book by John Butler (@butlergoldrevo) is a must read because it debunks many myths about the current “new normal” of eternal monetary expansion, as well as explaining how a transition to a new form of gold standard is inevitable, as the mirage of money printing fails to deliver the social promise repeated over and over to justify financial repression and quantitative easing.

Throughout its pages, John Butler explains how expansionary policies create enormous distorsions and how the questionable benefits rarely offset the risks. The abrupt “boom-and-bust” cycles become more aggressive and shorter, demanding more and more expansion to cover the mistakes of the previous set of measures. The book is entertaining, full of detail and, more importantly, plenty of common sense.

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