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    Daniel Lacalle (Madrid, 1967). PhD Economist and Fund Manager. Author of bestsellers "Life In The Financial Markets" and "The Energy World Is Flat" as well as "Escape From the Central Bank Trap". Daniel Lacalle (Madrid, 1967). PhD Economist and Fund Manager. Frequent collaborator with CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, Hedgeye, Epoch Times, Mises Institute, BBN Times, Wall Street Journal, El Español, A3 Media and 13TV. Holds the CIIA (Certified International Investment Analyst) and masters in Economic Investigation and IESE.

    8 thoughts on “Contact

    1. Buenos días Daniel, me llamo Patrick tengo 22 años, hace poco le vi en videos subidos a Youtbe donde salia en debates con Juan Ramón Rallo y en charlas con Antonio Escohotado, muy interesantes. No le conocía así que busque información de usted y no se si estoy equivocado trabajo en un Hedge Fund y algún fondo de inversión.
      Le quería hacer una pregunta un poco personal como trader autónomo principiante, ¿tuvo usted que cambiar su forma de pensar a la hora de invertir o especular?
      Entiendo que su tiempo sea muy limitado y disculpe las molestias.

    2. Hi dear professor
      This is Mohammad Mazhari correspondent of the Tehran Times.
      I wonder ask you if is it possible to conduct an interview with you on US policies and Human rights in the middle east?

    3. Mr. Lacalle,
      I appreciate some of the issues you identified that are causing a slowdown in China. I am courious as to why you did not identify agriculture / food as an issue that will cause serious problems in China.
      I think that the floods and storms of the past year may result is serious food shortages in China.
      Your thoughts .

    4. I tried to reach you via this form, but your site returned, “The sending of the message failed. Please try again later or contact the administrator by other means.” Is there some other way I can reach you?

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