Governments Only Equalize Down

My chat about my book “Freedom or Equality”

It is very important tounderstand the lessons learned from this crisis.

The first one is that we should not give more power to governments that have been completely unable to prevent and manage the pandemic. We need to understand that if we implemented the measures and the policies that the left-wing parties propose, massive government intervention, what we would have in this crisis would not be just a healthcare problen. We would have shortages of supplies, we would have rationing.

This crisis shows that more government is not the solution, but this crisis also shows that the way in which governments have addressed the pandemic proves why it is so dangerous to give them more power: Incompetence, lack of adaptability, constant use of propaganda to try to disguise the facts and even repression when citizens complain.

The idea that shutting down the economy was going to be insignificant and generate no harm could only be something created by a bureaucrat and the idea that the recovery is going to be strong with more government intervention can only come from someone that has never created a job.

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Daniel Lacalle (Madrid, 1967). PhD Economist and Fund Manager. Author of bestsellers "Life In The Financial Markets" and "The Energy World Is Flat" as well as "Escape From the Central Bank Trap". Daniel Lacalle (Madrid, 1967). PhD Economist and Fund Manager. Frequent collaborator with CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, Hedgeye, Epoch Times, Mises Institute, BBN Times, Wall Street Journal, El Español, A3 Media and 13TV. Holds the CIIA (Certified International Investment Analyst) and masters in Economic Investigation and IESE.

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