Daniel Lacalle

Video: Discussing US economy, Debt Ceiling, Europe and Banks

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In this video, we discuss a few issues, including:

  • ECB is caught between a rock and a hard place with the Euro.
  • Strong Euro could derail the European Stock Market recovery. Bad for banks and inflation linked assets.
  • Reflation Trade is over. Inflation expectations falling in US and Europe
  • Market was too worried about the debt ceiling.
  • Expect less rate hikes from the Fed. Financial conditions easing. Buy US stocks
  • Oil below $50 in the middle of North Korea tensions and Hurricane Season means it will drift lower when things normalise
  • Tensions with North Korea will likely hurt global trade

Daniel Lacalle is Chief Economist at Tressis, SV a PhD in Economics and author of Life In The Financial Markets, The Energy World Is Flat (Wiley) and Escape from the Central Bank Trap (BEP).

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