“Crises Happen When We Believe There Is No Risk” Conference at Bloomberg “The Next Big Thing”

This is a video excerpt from my keynote speech at the Bloomberg annual conference “The Next Big Thing”.

In it, I comment:

  • The saturation of demand-side policies.
  • Why do we call “uncertain” events that are quite certain
  • How crises happen when we think there is no risk.
  • The lon-term trend for the economy
  • Positive things to consider: Technology, longevity, growth in the middle class.

I hope you like it. Polite comments welcome.



About Daniel Lacalle

Daniel Lacalle (Madrid, 1967). PhD Economist and Fund Manager. Author of bestsellers "Life In The Financial Markets" and "The Energy World Is Flat" as well as "Escape From the Central Bank Trap". Daniel Lacalle (Madrid, 1967). PhD Economist and Fund Manager. Frequent collaborator with CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, Hedgeye, Epoch Times, Mises Institute, BBN Times, Wall Street Journal, El Español, A3 Media and 13TV. Holds the CIIA (Certified International Investment Analyst) and masters in Economic Investigation and IESE.

5 thoughts on ““Crises Happen When We Believe There Is No Risk” Conference at Bloomberg “The Next Big Thing”

  1. Hi Daniel

    I loved your wonderful presentation of market cycle from the economic perspective. Sound, sensible, coherent and refreshing from conflicting and different market voices in the internet. Thank you!

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  3. Great talk Mr Lacalle. It is good to hear an economist with some common sense and optimism about the future and technology.
    One of the many unintended consequences of low/negative interest rates on sovereign debt is the difficulties imposed on pensions funds to fund future payments. The current unrest in Chile is due to many things but partly problems with the private pension funds. A 2% annual return on your contributions is not going to fund your retirement. The unfunded liabilities for current and future pensions is only going to get worse and we all end up paying for this in some way.

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