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“Life In The Financial Markets” available in Audiobook

My book “Life In The Financial Markets” is now available as audiobook.


In the book you will find a personal account of:

– How the City and Wall Street work

– An analysis of the debt crisis, the Euro crisis and the wrong measures taken to solve it.

– A critique of quantitative easing policies and devaluation decisions.

– High Frequency Trading, a response to Flash Boys.

– Tobin tax and other incorrect measures.

– Strategy examples from hedge funds.

– Investment recommendations.

– Common mistakes and misleading messages from companies in their corporate communication.

– Analysis of metrics to value companies.

Hope you like it!!!


“Refreshing and transcending, all at once. In a world loaded with theoretical market opinions, we finally get a view from a credible market practitioner. Lacalle gets it because he does it, every day.”
Keith R. McCullough, Chief Executive Officer, Hedgeye Risk Management

“Accessible and easy to read, but also thorough and rigorous. This book will be an excellent read for anyone wanting to understand financial markets, monetary policies and investing.”
Lex Van Dam, Trader/Partner, Hamstead Capital

“Lacalle has used his first–hand experiences to give a dose of reality and demystify the markets and the hedge fund industry. He cuts through the jargon and has given insight into how the markets and the real–world economy interlink. Lacalle shows us that the key ingredients that led to the last financial crisis, ie huge debt levels, are still with us now and could set the scene for the next one.”
Steve Sedgwick, Host, Squawk Box CNBC

“Intimate, insightful, inspiring. Daniel Lacalle, a top commentator and fund manager, explains in layman’s terms how financial markets actually work by adding his unique personal perspective. A page–turner.”
Francisco Blanch, Managing Director/Head of Commodity Research, Bank of America–Merrill Lynch