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Spain, Bottoming Out

“It’s not how far you fall, but how high you bounce that counts.” Zig Ziglar

I have mentioned in interviews for a few months that indicators show that Spain is bottoming out and showing signs of improvement. Nobody can deny that in the past I have always doubted the so-called “green shoots”, but this year the encouraging data accumulation is significant. Continue reading Spain, Bottoming Out

Spain, Insolvency and The Telegraph

(This article was published in Spain in El Confidencial on May 18th 2013)

” Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”, Howard Zinn.

In the past week there has been an enormous uproar in Spain created by an opinion article published in The Daily Telegraph under the title “Spain is officially insolvent” Continue reading Spain, Insolvency and The Telegraph

Spain: Austerity, Yes Please

“Rather than attempting to return to Their artificially inflated GDP numbers from before the crisis Governments need to address the flaws in Their Underlying economies” R.Rajan, Univ Chicago

“Governments are always Keynesian when it comes to spending. When it comes to saving They Become Stalinist “

We have read some terrible economic news for Spain . Unemployment of 27.16% and a deficit that reached 10.6%. A 7.1% excluding banking aid. Spain, for the fourth consecutive year, reached a deficit of more than 100 billion euro. That’s a level some politicians want to relax!!! . However, we have also received great news that we should not forget. The banking sector has recovered 25% of the deposits lost in 2012 and the corporate debt has fallen to 2006 levels. Continue reading Spain: Austerity, Yes Please

12 years of the Spanish economy in 12 charts

This article comes courtesy of @_perpe_ (his charts on Twitter in Spanish) and was published here on February 7th, 2013The economy in Spain is going through one of the most difficult moments in its recent history. The terrible crisis that began five years ago is causing very worrying job losses and business closures that will be difficult to recover in the medium term. The austerity measures taken by the government have not had a positive effect on growth so far. At this point, it seems necessary to establish additional structural reforms in order to achieve higher economic dynamism. Continue reading 12 years of the Spanish economy in 12 charts