Daniel Lacalle

‘The Energy World Is Flat’

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Energy Is Flat Cover HQOrder here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Energy-World-Flat-Opportunities/dp/1118868005

The change is both unexpected and so fundamental in nature that it represents a true shift in the energy macro and micro economic landscape. The book is divided into three parts:

1) The first part sets the stage and outlines the current state of the energy markets as well as touching on some key developments and changes.

2) Strategies on how investors may profit from current and future developments are set out in the second part of the book, which sets out ten key pillars of a successful energy investment strategy.

3) The third part of the book will briefly outline the historical journey of the energy markets, putting into perspective the recent changes and drawing parallels between shifts and changes in the past. It will also include supporting information that will provide an explanation of key technologies that are driving the change and that are crucial for analysts and investors to understand.

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Important Disclaimer: All of Daniel Lacalle’s views expressed in his books and this blog are strictly personal and should not be taken as buy or sell recommendations.

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