Daniel Lacalle

Afren: One to look into weakness

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The way I see it the stock has short term downside to 80p on fund flows (some large hedge funds are sellers) and technicals… but enters FTSE 250 January or February, RDS are looking to sell them some really cheap assets, small 40-50mnbbls type assets currently too small for the big guys to work and which benefi from better fiscal terms under a Nigerian entity .. ie netbacks go from 2.50-5 per bbl .. so if you are RDS, why not give the assets to Afren, let them get $5 per barrel and take a royalty of around $2 ..less hassle, no political issues , everyone happy !. Ebok field could add 35p/sh unrisked and I am hearing solid things from RDS people. Obviously Addax must have strong views on it too.Expect 6 well exploration program next year targeting 685 bbls vs 129 bbls 2P today (easy 95p valuation then)
The stock, at 80p, will be at 8xPE and 3.4x EV/EBITDA 2010 at $70/bbl, so looks undemanding once we pass the 2009 cornerstone.

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