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My Favourite Pop Christmas Songs

1) “Winter Symphony” (Brian Wilson, “Christmas Album” (Extended Edition) by The Beach Boys).Brian Wilson was going through a rough period in the mid 70s, locked in his home, not daring to leave, battling the demons of drugs, mental illness and an abusive environment. However, in the 70s he sporadically wrote gems like this evocative Christmas song, particularly coming from a person who has never lived outside of California. This song remained unpublished and only available on bootlegs for many years. For me one of Brian Wilson’s masterpieces. We love you, Brian!

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My Top 20 Lou Reed songs. A Hero. RIP

Remember Lou Reed. My Top 20:

1) Walk On The Wild Side
2) Venus In Furs
3) Perfect Day
4) Waiting For My Man
5) Sweet Jane (from Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal)
6) Caroline Says II
7) Legendary Hearts
8) Doing The Things We Want To
9) Dirty Boulevard
10) Street Hassle
11) Junior Dad (+ Metallica)
12) Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart
13) Kill Your Sons
14) Rock ‘n’ Roll
15) White Light White Heat
16) The Gun
17) Teach The Gifted Children
18) I Love You Suzanne
19) Heroin
20) Set The Twilight Reeling